2023 BMW X5 45e on Vossen HF-4T + Nitto NT420V

Our customer wanted a sportier wheel setup on their X5 45e plug-in hybrid (PHEV) because the stock wheel setup looked too boring. We sourced a set of 22" Vossen HF-4T in Tinted Gloss Black finish which totally revamps the look of this hybrid SUV. Vossen offers their Billet sport wheel caps with different colours, and we decided to complete the hybrid look by going with the Fountain Blue on the wheel caps. For reference, the stock BMW roundel on their hybrid/electric vehicles have a blue rim around the BMW logo. We mounted Nitto NT420V all season tires onto the wheels and programmed some Schrader TPMS as duplicates of the factory set.

Nitto NT420V on Vossen HF-4T

  • Vossen HF-4T in Tinted Gloss Black
  • Front: 22x9 +32 (flat profile)
  • Rear: 22x10.5 +30 (deep profile)
  • Billet sport wheel caps in Fountain Blue
  • Nitto NT420V all season tires
  • Front: 275/35-22
  • Rear: 315/30-22
  • Schrader TPMS