BMW X3 M40i (G01) Thinkware Q800 Pro 2CH + Cellink Neo Battery

We installed the Thinkware 2-channel Q800 Pro dash cam with the Cellink Neo battery on this brand new BMW X3 M40i (G01) for this repeat customer.

For these vehicles, the battery pack is essential to maintaining battery health by avoiding battery drain-related issues. We kept the battery pack entirely hidden away in the side panel of the trunk. The Cellink Neo battery charges while you drive, and takes the load off of your car battery that would otherwise be used to keep the dash cam running while the car isn't turned on.

Contact us if you have any questions about fitting your vehicle with a parking mode dash cam system, or fitting a battery pack to your existing dash cam.

BMW X3 M40iBMW X3 M40iBMW X3 M40iBMW X3 M40i