BMW X3 (G01) Thinkware F800 Pro On-Site Install

For an extra charge, we can offer on-site installation for dash cams and other accessories. We did this install for a BMW dealership in Vancouver with a Thinkware F800 Pro and Cellink Neo battery. As with other BMW's the electrical system is sensitive to drains so a regular hardwire kit may trigger an error code. The beauty of the battery pack is that it doesn't cause any unexpected drains when the car is off. We installed this on the right rear fuse box under the trunk floor so it is hidden from view and won't be damaged by contents of the trunk moving around. The hardwire cable that comes with Thinkware dash cams is too short to reach this location so it must be extended.


F800 Pro BMW X3

Thinkware Cellink battery bmw x3

BMW X3 dash cam rear