BMW M850i Winter Wheel and Tire Package

The G14/G15/G16 generation of M850i from BMW comes with some massive brakes, and many 19" wheel options will not clear. That's why we went with a 20" B17GB from Rim Alloy Canada (RAC) for excellent brake clearance and an awesome aesthetic. The owner of this vehicle was blown away by the look of his winter package and actually preferred it over his factory 20" summer setup. We fitted the car with a 15mm and 18mm H&R spacer combo as well which makes the wheels sit very flush. 

The wheels are a 20x8.5 +26 all around, as opposed to the factory stagger which has a 275 width rear tire and 245 front tire. Instead, we went with a 255/35-20 square setup which is slightly taller than the factory wheel size. This gives a slight advantage in terms of clearance and reduces the risk of curbing the new wheels. The 255 tire size is also much more common than the stock 245/35-20 when it comes to winter tire options, and we found it to be more affordable as well. We went with the Continental Vikingcontact 7 in a non-runflat spec. These tires don't have as high of a speed rating but have a high enough rating for most Winter commuters.

All in all, this makes for an aggressive and sporty look that matches the M Performance flair of this sporty gran coupe. Contact us today if you want the best looking and best performing winter options

BMW M850i winter wheel and tire
RAC B17GB 850i
RAC wheels black m performance winter m850i
M850i spacers winter package