BMW M5 (F90) Blackvue DR900S-2CH + B124 Install

With any F or G series BMW, it's key to get a dash cam battery pack if you want to have parking mode recording. Although a low battery warning may not be triggered and displayed on the dashboard, the dealership will know as soon as they scan your key that the battery is being discharged more than expected by the car's computer. For this M5, we fitted it with the best from Blackvue with the DR900S-2CH and B-124 Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack.

This top of the line dash cam offers incredible 4K recording and perhaps the best WiFi app in the industry. The WiFi download speed is very fast and the app is fairly intuitive. As far as video quality, the 4K dash cam has become a popular option as customers spending this much on a dash cam want something that is more futureproof than the competition. The battery pack provides around 18 hours of parking recording on a full charge for this system which is more than enough for a daily driver as it covers the vehicle overnight. We installed the battery pack under the trunk floor next to the factory battery and used the trunk fuse box for power. 

Install Pictures

BMW M5 F90 blackvue

Blackvue dr900s M5

Blackvue B124 battery bmw 5 series

Blackvue DR900S-2CH BMW M5

Blackvue dr900s-2ch bmw m5