BMW M340i (B58) ZF ATF Transmission Service Package

Our customer brought in their M340i for our ZF Transmission service package. BMW markets the ZF transmission fluid and filter as lifetime use, but in reality it means until something goes wrong with the transmission. And when that happens, it entails more than just the fluid and filter needing to be repaired. It's recommended to do this service roughly every three to four years or every 60,000 kilometers, it depending on driving style. Fluids in any vehicle should be regularly flushed and replaced for optimal performance and mitigation of potential problems. Our service package includes the transmission oil pan, filter, transmission fluid, and all labour necessary to get the job done.

This service is also available for all engines paired to the ZF8 transmission (which is all B58 engines such as BMW 340i xDrive, 340i; Toyota GR Supra)