BMW M3 (G80) Thinkware U1000 + iVolt

Our customer just picked up their G80 M3 and immediately came to us to have a dash cam installed. Wanting the best resolution and longer parking mode, they chose to get Thinkware's U1000 2 channel dash cam paired with Thinkware's iVolt external battery pack. The U1000 is Thinkware's current top of the line dash cam, with 4K resolution on the front camera, and 2K resolution on the rear camera. With how BMW's work, there are times where the vehicle will restrict any comfort features if it notices something is draining the battery. The iVolt solves that issue and adds the bonus of allowing for a much longer parking mode (1-3 hours w/o to up to 16 hours with). The battery pack was conveniently placed next to the vehicle battery, in the trunk underneath the trunk liner.