BMW M3 (F80) Apex ARC-8 + Michelin AS4 Tires

Among the car community, Apex Race Parts is renowned for their sturdy wheels being able to take on harsh track driving without any issues. With that said, their designs look amazing even as a daily driving set. Our customer brought in their F80 M3 for a set of the ARC-8's, which were wrapped in Michelin AS4 tires.

On the mineral grey M3, our customer opted for the satin black finish, which gives the vehicle a sleek, stealthy aesthetic. The interesting thing to note here is that the factory wheel and tire setup for the M3 are staggered on both the wheels and tires, but the decision here was for a fully square setup. 

Factory Wheel Specs:

  • 19x9 +29 for the front wheels
  • 19x10 +40 for the rear wheels

Apex ARC-8 Specs:

  • 19x10 +25 all around
  • Satin black finish
  • 275/35-19 Michelin AS4 Tires

Initially it's assumed that thinner profile front tires would be required on the 19x10 front wheels so that the entire wheel would not rub on any suspension components. Luckily, the 275/35 does fit as long as the front offset is a bit wider than normal. The resulting setup is pretty rotatable as the M3 is a torque-y vehicle, and will go through the rear tires faster.