BMW M240i on Apex EC-7 and Michelin PS4S

This BMW M240i (F22) came in for new wheels and tires. The car already had the stock 436M wheels with upgraded Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. He upgraded to Apex EC7 for a wider wheel, stance, and better tire support. With this configuration of Apex EC7 we needed a 10mm spacer to clear the front strut. We went with an Eibach 10mm hubcentric spacer and 40mm lug bolts, we did not use a spacer on the rear. We went up to a 255 PS4S for the rear tires since we had a 9.5" wheel to support it, the 245 tire would've been a bit narrow on the 9.5" wheel. This also results in a closer diameter difference between front to rear as the factory stagger has the rear about 0.3" shorter than the front.

Overall thanks to the lightweight flow formed racing wheels, we shed about 20 lbs of unsprung rotational mass. This will help with acceleration, handling, and even improve ride a bit. Despite adding spacers and 10mm more rear tire width there's still a significant weight reduction. The brake clearance is also improved should our customer opt for bigger calipers and rotors down the road. With the 10mm front spacer, the overall offset is 23mm wider up front. The rear is 13mm wider than stock

Based on our measurements the rear could actually take a 265/35-18 tire as well. The front may be able to fit some 235/40-18 tires, but the Michelins do run wide. We tried fitting these 225 Michelin without a spacer and it was touching the strut. It would likely still touch with a 5mm slip on when the tire deflects. We regularly stock various sizes of spacers and bolts so that we can test for clearance with aftermarket wheels.

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Original Wheel and Tire

BMW Style 436M

Front wheels: 18x7.5 +45 

Front tires: 225/40-18 Michelin PS4S (25.1" diameter)

Front wheel + tire weight: 47.1 lbs

Rear wheels: 18x8 +52

Rear tires: 245/35-18 Michelin PS4S (24.8" diameter)

Rear wheel + tire weight: 49.1 lbs

Apex EC-7/PS4S Fitment

Apex EC-7 Flow Formed Wheels in Race Silver

Front Wheels: 18x8.5 +45

Front tires: 225/40-18 Michelin PS4S (25.1" diameter)

Front wheel + tire weight: 42.1 lbs

Rear Wheels: 18x9.5 +58

Rear tires: 255/35-18 Michelin PS4S (25.0" diameter)

Rear wheel + tire weight: 43.7 lbs

Apex EC-7 18x8.5 & 18x9.5 on F22

APEX EC-7 BMW F22 240I

APEX EC7 F22 M240I 18X8.5 18X9.5

F22 M240I APEX EC7 FRONT 18X8.5

f22 apex ec7

apex ec7 10mm spacers

Wheel and Tire Weight

Apex ec7 225

436m weight

ec7 18x8.5 weight

bmw f22 strut clearance