BMW M2 (F87) Eibach Springs AA EL Midpipe

Among the F8x community, Active Autowerke (AA) is renowned for the sound and tone of their Equal Length (EL) midpipe. As such, this customer came to us to have that and a set of Eibach lowering springs installed.

The midpipe really wakens up the otherwise tame and quiet exhaust on the M2C. The AA EL has different part numbers between the F8X (M3/M4) and F87 M2 Competition due to the physical length of the vehicle, resulting in a shorter length on the piping for the M2C variant. Our customer went with the non-resonated version of the midpipe, but the resonated version is available. To note though, exhaust gaskets may be required if the car has higher mileage as the gaskets end up crumbling over time.

As for the Eibach lowering springs, these offer a good 1 inch lowering on the front and 0.8 inch on the rears. Surprisingly ride feel does feel a bit more comfortable even though it is on stock shocks.