BMW M2 Competition F87 Winter Wheel and Tire Package

The M2 Competition is a trickier car to install winter wheels on due to the huge front calipers. Many 19" wheels actually don't clear them, just as many 18" wheels don't clear the regular M2's blue brakes. For Winter, we recommend a square setup with 255/35-19 all around which makes for a nice rotatable setup. The 255 front tires are a bit wider than the fronts but makes for a balanced look with the rear and neither tire looks undersized on the F87 chassis.

M2 Competition Winter Tire Package

We with the RAC B01GB in 19x8.5 +24 which are compatible with the OEM hardware and both the BMW roundel and M emblem. We added Max Select TPMS sensors to these and duplicated the factory sensors. Because of the lower offset of the wheels compared to the factory 19x9 and 19x10 wheels, the car is just as flush as stock. The 255 tire is fairly square shouldered and not stretched like the original 245 tire on 9" wheel. 

BMW M2 Competition 19x8.5 RAC B01GB

With the duplicated sensors, there is no programming required so our customer is able to rotate his summers and winters at home by himself. We recommend using wheel stud hangers to avoid damaging the large 6 piston calipers. These wheels are styled after the 437M wheels and are a bit easier to clean than the 788M mesh design. Also the gloss black hides brake dust better than silver wheels. We ran a similar setup in gloss silver on a different F87 M2 Competition with Replika R163A.

B01GB 19 inch wheels M2 Competition

M2 Competition rear winter tire

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