BMW M2 Competition (F87) Thinkware Q800 Pro and Rho-Plate Install

This brand new F87 BMW M2 Competition came to us for a dash cam and license plate mount. As the car was brand new, the customer did not want the dealership drilling holes into his bumper to mount the front plate bracket, however he did not want to risk a front plate ticket either which is $109 at the time of this post. The Rho Plate is a high quality plate bracket that will not rust and has been custom fit to the various bumpers and front parking sensor applications out there. As you can see in our picture below, there is a particular way to mount this bracket that will clear the front parking sensors. Older N55 M2's do not have front sensors so they don't have to worry about this issue.

We also installed the Thinkware Q800 Pro dash cam which offers 2K front recording and 1080P rear recording. This camera has an excellent parking mode feature which is great for catching hit and runs or vandalism. For newer BMW's, we do recommend getting a battery pack like the Thinkware iVolt BAB-50 which will prevent any battery drain issues such as warning messages or defeating the auto start/stop function. 

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BMW F87 M2 Competition

BMW F87 license plate front sensors

BMW M2 F87 Thinkware Q800 Pro

BMW M2 F87 2-channel dash cam