BMW iX Winter Package

With how much snow there is in the lower mainland as of recent, snow tires are a must. This BMW iX came to us to get a set of Continental Contiwintercontact mounted on Replika R253. The Contiwintercontact tires are specific to the iX, as they use a special puncture resistant technology called Contiseal. Compared to traditional run flat tires, these are lighter and withstand punctures comparably better. Any punctures up to 5mm diameter are sealed, and allows for full mobility after the fact -- no need to stop roadside to change the tire. Last thing you want is to be stranded roadside in freezing temperatures trying to change a tire. See below for a picture of Contiseal, per Continental's website!

Contiwintercontact on Replika R253

  • Replika R253 in Satin Grey
  • 21x9.5 +33
  • Continental Contiwintercontact TS830P w/ Contiseal technology
  • 255/50-21 square