BMW G20 M340i on Volk TE37 Ultra Track Edition II

The Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Track Edition II is one of the latest iterations of their legendary 6 spoke racing wheel. It was strengthened for larger and higher power modern vehicles. These are 5x112 and were specifically designed in sizes that work for late model BMW's like the Z4/Supra, and 5x120 M2/M3/M4. There are 3 different face profiles in the 19" sizing and vary in terms of concavity. The Track Edition II only comes in this Blast Black (BC) colour. Center caps are optional

The car is on a square wheel and tire setup with 255/35R19 Bridgestones all around. The wheel sizing is 19x9 +27 all around which makes it a face 3 wheel. The factory lug bolts are reused and no hub ring is required to run this wheel on the G20 3-series.

We also installed a Blackvue DR590X-1CH Dash Cam on this car and hardwired it to run on accessory mode only. This avoids any battery drain issues but means that the camera cannot record while parked.

BMW M340i volk te37 ultra

Volk TE37 Ultra Track Edition BMW M340i

Blackvue dr590x-1ch bmw g20