BMW F87 M2 Competition Audio System 3-Way Speaker Upgrade

Late model E-series and F-Series BMW's have more or less the same approach to speaker size and placement. Ever since the E90 3-series we saw a 3-way system which featured an 8" underseat subwoofer, a 4" mid-range and 1" tweeter. For the most part we found these speakers to be decent as many BMW's already come equipped with the Harman Kardon system which is a well rounded setup. At the very least, these factory component systems sound much better than what we find on many Mercedes vehicles. That being said, we understand that some customers want to squeeze a little more out of their car's sound system and that's where something like the AudioSystem Dust EVO comes in!

This is a 3-way component speaker upgrade which includes a 8" subwoofer, 80mm (3.15") midrange and 1" tweeter. This system also includes a plug and play crossover that works with the factory speaker harness. There are speaker brackets to work with newer and older BMW models. We do want to note that we had to modify the factory tweeter bracket slightly to fit the larger tweeter from the HX 200 kit. 

Overall, we loved how this system sounded in the M2 Competition. We like how nicely these speakers play with the factory amplifier and just how much better built this subwoofer is compared to the factory unit. We also added a bit of sound deadening to the doors for just that little bit more fidelity.

For more on Audio System's BMW factory fit upgrades, check out their website here! This system should be compatible for BMW chassis codes E60, E70, E70, E82, E87 E90, E92, F10, F20, F30, F32, F80, F82, F87, and more! They also make similar upgrades for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

BMW F87 M2 Speaker Upgrade

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BMW 3 Way speaker upgrade

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