BMW F23 240i Cabriolet Thinkware U1000 2CH Installation

We installed a Thinkware U1000 4K dash cam on this brand new 240i Cabriolet with a Thinkware iVolt battery. We always recommend the battery pack for late model BMW's to avoid any battery drain related issues. The battery pack charges up while driving and becomes the sole power source for the dash cam during parking mode. This being a convertible, we definitely had to get a bit creative with the rear camera mounting.

Our customer wanted a camera mounting position that would work whether the top was up or down, so he suggested a bracket by the rear headrest to mount the camera. This was mounted using existing factory screws and did not require any additional drilling or fabrication to mount. It's not the prettiest solution but it sees more than mounting the camera lower down by the base of the headrest where the wire would be less visible. 

The Thinkware iVolt battery mounts nicely in the battery compartment below the trunk floor. There is a fuse box right next to it and many places to ground the new battery. Installation-wise, it must be noted that the Thinkware hardwire cable (TWA-SH) is not long enough to reach the trunk fuse box/battery. It only gets to the trunk floor behind the front seats and needs to be extended about 4-5 feet for proper wire management. We removed the seat bottom for better access and wire management. 

Thinkware U1000 front dash cam 240i cabriolet convertible

Thinkware U1000 4k dash cam bmw

Thinkware u1000 2 series cabriolet

Thinkware u1000 rear dash cam 240i cabriolet

Thinkware iVolt battery 2 series convertible

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