BMW E90 M3 Rear Window Tint

This mint E90 BMW M3 rolled into our shop with just 8000kms on the odometer. Our customer wanted to keep a relatively stock exterior but wanted to do a tint for privacy and a better aesthetic. We went with the 18% tint which does a good job of hiding anything in the back seat when viewed from the outside. This is the second darkest shade, with 5% (often referred to as "limo tint") being the darkest. However, we generally do not recommend 5% on a car without a backup camera like this M3. Also the contrast of having no front window tint and 5% can look a little strange. 

Legally, the front windows cannot be tinted here in BC, so most customers opt to just tint the rears. The UV rejection properties of the tint will not only help to keep interior temperatures down but help prolong the life and condition of the various plastics and leathers inside the cabin!

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Tint Pictures

E90 M3 side 18% window tint

E90 M3 rear three quarter tint

E90 M3 rear window tint