BMW 3 Series (E91 LCI) ART Wheels + Michelin Cross Climate 2

Our customer brought in their BMW E91 for a set of Michelin all weather tires wrapped on ART Replica wheels. With how unpredictable Vancouver spring weather has been, it is not a bad idea to consider all weather tires versus all seasons. All weathers have advantages such as: they are truly rated for snowfall, as they have the tripeak mountain snowflake designation, versus just M+S found on all seasons. The other big advantage of all weather tires is that they can actually be used year round without needing to be swapped out to summer or winter tires when seasons change.

With all that being said, Michelin Cross Climate 2's have had raving reviews on how they perform for snowy roads. Our customer stuck with our recommendation on using a square setup because it will always have the best compatibility with xDrive. Instead of sticking with the stock OEM sizing, we upsized to 235/40-18 to fill in the wheel gap better. The tires are mounted onto a set of ART Replica 437M style wheels.

Michelin Cross Climate 2 on ART Replica

  • 235/40-18 Michelin Cross Climate 2 A/W
  • 18x8.5 +35 ART Replica 437M style