BMW 135i (E88) Cabrio Thinkware FA200 2CH Install

With convertible cars, installing a rear camera is always a little more complicated. You can choose to install it on the front windshield looking back but the view can be quite compromised for actual rear recording. You can also find some sort of bracket/mount that will let you mount the camera permanently in a position that can record both while the top is down or up, but this can look a little awkward depending on the car. For this customer, he opted to install the rear camera on the rear glass window which means that when the convertible top is open, the rear camera will not record anything. 

This was ok as in a rainy city like Vancouver, the top is up 95% of the time and the view out the back is the best in this position when the top is up. Unfortunately with these older E88 1-series cabriolets, the rear window does not have a trim or liner to hide the wire under so wire clips had to be used. The same generation E93 3-series does have trim to hide this wire more neatly however. Wires can be run along the factory defroster wiring and typically these installs will cost a little more than a standard sedan or coupe 2-channel dash cam install. 

We installed the Thinkware FA200 2-channel system on this car which offers parking mode recording and WiFi. The rear camera is a lower quality 720P unit which is sufficient but not the best at low-light recording. That being said, this dash cam does the job for a lot of customers and comes in at a very budget friendly price. Despite the low price point, it still offers the same great WiFi app (albeit with less functions) and parking mode file management that comes standard on Thinkware dash cams that cost 3-4x more!

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E88 135i cabrio 2-channel dash cam

Thinkware FA200 135i E88 cabrio

E88 Rear dash cam cabriolet