Blackvue DR590W-1CH in Toyota 4Runner

After a hit and run incident on a forest service road, our customer wanted to protect himself with a reliable dash cam with decent video quality. On a truck like the 4Runner where the rear window slides open, there isn't an exactly ideal spot to mount a rear camera so many opt to simply do a 1-channel setup (front facing only). Brackets can be bent to mount the rear camera but as our customer uses the truck to load large equipment, the camera would easily be damaged from loading and unloading.

Toyota 4Runner 33" bf goodrich ko2 white

We hardwired the Blackvue DR590W-1CH dash cam with the power magic pro to the fuse box. Provided that the battery of this truck is in decent condition, this should provide a couple of hours of parking recording without an issue. This camera records at 60 frames per second and delivers excellent low light video thanks to the Sony STARVIS sensor. We also think Blackvue makes one of the most user friendly WiFi app interfaces in the industry which will be great for sharing all sorts of videos as well as changing settings.

Blackvue dr590w-1ch toyota 4runner

Contact us today if you've come across any issues with hit and runs or insurance fraud and we'll help you find a dash cam that suits your budget and needs!