Audi S3 Replika R134A 19" Wheels with Kumho Winter Tires

This 2017 Audi S3 needed a set of winter wheels and tires. It doesn't have the magnetic ride control option so it came with some very standard looking 18" wheels which don't fit that well on such a capable and sporty sedan. Our customer opted for the Replika R134A wheels in 19x8.5 +35 which we feel looks a lot better on this gorgeous Panther Black S3.

As these replica wheels are designed to fit a number of Audi products, they are a bit wider than the factory S3 wheels which are usually a 19x8 +49 or 18x7.5 +51. This is so that the wheels can work well on cars like the S5 or Q5 which run a fair bit wider than the A3/S3. As a result, the wheels are pushed out almost an inch compared to stock making for a much more aggressive look without needing to use spacers. This achieves an OEM Plus (OEM+) look that we think looks clean yet sporty, perfect for this sort of vehicle.

We also went a bit wider on the tire with a 245/35ZR19 Kumho Wintercraft WP72. These are just a tad larger than the stock 225/40-18's that this car came with and again help to give the car a more aggressive look and hopefully better performance.

The Replika R134A wheels will also accept factory Audi center caps as well as the stock radius seat (ball seat) lug bolts. It is worth noting that a 57.1 mm to 66.6mm hub ring is required as some newer Audi models utilize a larger hub bore. This is typically the case with 5x112 wheels as most manufactuers want to fit a larger variety of cars rather than make hubcentric wheels for cars with smaller hub bores.

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Audi S3 19x8.5 Replika wheels

Audi S3 18" wheels 18x7.5