Audi Q5 Backup Camera/Dash Cam Combo

German luxury cars from the late 2000's and early 2010's often came with audible parking sensors but did not yet have standard reverse cameras. Despite having a reasonably sized LCD screen in the center of the dash, many of these cars only used the screen for a display of the sensors for distance. There are special digital interfaces that can be used to add a camera to the factory screens but these modules typically cost upwards of $1000 after all the necessary parts and labour.

In the past year or so, rearview mirror mounted backup cam/dash cam combos have become increasingly popular as they make for an excellent value. Not only do you get a reverse camera and a screen, but you get a 2 channel dash cam as well! They are very discreet since they are mounted on the mirror itself so only the lens is sticking out for the front camera, while the rear camera is just a universal style back up cam.

In our opinion, these systems are great reverse cameras but can be quite lacking in terms of dash cam features. They rarely have true buffered parking mode or wifi and the overall video quality is usually not as good as a dedicated dash cam system. The rear cameras usually can only be 480 resolution and because they're pointed down low (ideal for parking purposes) the angle isn't great for recording what's going on behind you. 

The dash cam feature is definitely a bonus but as a parking system alone, the value is already excellent. We offer this system at a fraction of the cost of traditional OE integrated reverse cameras and they can be installed in just about any vehicle! 

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Install Pictures

Audi Q5 Dash cam backup cam

Audi Q5 dash cam backup cam

Audi q5 toguard backup cam

Audi q5 backup camera aftermarket