Audi Q5 (B8) Braelin BR10 + Conti EC DWS06+

Our customer brought their Q5 asking for some new wheels and tires, but had trouble deciding on a fitting combination. With some browsing around and our input, they decided on a set of Braelin BR10 wheels in a silver finish. This look complements well with the black paint of the vehicle.

The wheel spec came in a bit wider (20x8 factory, 20x9 BR10) so the effective offset was 9+23 (29mm wider than stock). 15mm spacers were added to resolve the sunk look of the wider wheels. Finishing the combo are the Continental EC DWS06+ tires, which are becoming our favourite set of tires to offer due to their solid performance for wet and damp weather (which Vancouver and the lower mainland are infamous for).

Braelin BR10 Specs:

  • Bolt pattern: 5x112
  • 20x9 +38 (15 spacers added on)
  • Silver finish
  • 255/45-20 Conti EC DWS06+ Tires