Audi Q4 on Replika R252 + Thinkware U1000

This Q4 came in looking for a winter setup (wheels and tires) as they didn't want to mount and balance tires every time spring or winter hits. They wanted to keep the 20" setup as it looks sportier on the Q4, though normally we recommend downsizing to 18" or 19" for better compliance in the winter season. While the factory setup is a staggered setup (235/50-20 in the front and 255/45-20 in the rear), we found it isn't quite necessary on this platform. The setup on this Q4 was a set of Pirelli Scorpion 2's in 235/50-20 mounted on Replika R252's. Hub rings are required for this setup as most of these aftermarket winter wheel setups use a smaller 57.1 bore size vs Audi/VW running 66.6 (66.56).

Also installed was a set of Thinkware U1000 2CH dash camera, offering 4K resolution in the front cam and 2K on the rear. It's sleek design makes it so the dash cam isn't obvious when installed and is out of the driver's field of view. 

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Replika R252 + Pirelli Scorpion 2

  • R252 in Gloss Black finish
  • 20x8.5 +40 square
  • Guaranteed load rating for the Q4
  • Scorpion 2 winter tires
  • 235/50-20 square