Aston Martin Vanquish Continental Extreme Contact Sport Tires

After over 7 years of driving this Aston Martin Vanquish on the factory Pirelli P Zero tires, our customer really found the car lacking in grip. The powerful V12 engine further magnifies any weakness in the tires, especially in the rain. Despite still having some tread left, the rubber was from 2013 and was starting to crack. These factory summer tires should only be kept indoors during freezing temperatures and can have a tendency to crack. We also found that one tire had a 3 inch long nail in it!

For the sizing on these tires, only summer tires were available so we went with the Continental Extreme Contact Sport. These are a competitively priced option that have proven to be great in the rain and very quiet as well. Although Aston Martin does have certain factory spec tires, we don't find this is really necessary, especially with reputable tires from Michelin, Continental, and other leading manufacturers. This car takes a 255/30ZR21 front and 305/25ZR21 rear tire. 

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