Introducing Apex VS-5RS Forged Sprint Line Wheels

We are excited to bring in these new Apex Forged Sprint Line wheels for 2022. These are some of the most impressive wheels at any price point as they combine a few key features we're looking for which are: substantial weight reduction, aggressive concave design, and impressive strength that's actually verified unlike other manufacturers. We will elaborate a bit more on why we think this wheel is a real game changer, especially compared to some of the popular forged options on the market from Titan 7, Volk Racing, and more.

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Lightweight yet Strong Design

Compared to the classic line wheels, the Sprint line has more aggressively milled spokes which further reduces weight. Some of the sample weights we've seen are nothing short of impressive. Not only that but they are building these wheels to a very high standard and still exceeding strength and fatigue tests. Meanwhile, other companies have even been caught faking JWL and VIA stamping (see posts here and here) which is frankly unacceptable when spending well over $2000 USD on a set of wheels.

The Apex Sprint Line wheels are strong by design and the base forged blank is Apex's own proprietary design which gives them better brake clearance, better structure, and more concavity. The forged blank is formed under 10000 metric tons of pressure to make some of the strongest wheels on the market. There is a lot more material in the wheel face than typical forged blanks. They've also incorporated their new Sprint Spec inner lip which puts a bit of material back in and reinforce the overall structure. Some times manufacturers will forego strength to shave weight but compromising structure as a result.

Ultimately, Apex has put their money where there mouth is with the strength testing on these wheels and had STL (Standard Testing Labs) in Ohio test their forged line. They passed with flying colours in all testing which you can read about here. Which is why they are one of the only companies to offer a lifetime structural warranty on wheels. Should you damage one on the street or track you can also buy a replacement at 50% off, even if it's your own fault!

Thoughtful Engineering

It's clear to us that the engineers behind Apex have a lot of experience with motorsports wheels as there are so many features that we as drivers and installers are excited about. Huge brake clearance is one of the factors as we're familiar with many GM, Porsche, and BMW applications where the wheel to caliper clearance is incredibly tight and many popular wheels don't actually clear despite being a good diameter and offset. We have extensive experience track prepping BMW F8x chassis cars and the M2 Competition's 2NH brakes are some of the worst to fit and even with historically large barrel wheels like the Volk TE37's, some have had to resort to shaving down the calipers to clear.

Not only is the brake clearance important, but all of the widths and offsets available are optimized to run specific tire sizes to improve grip and balance. Apex has done their homework on both inner and outer clearance and factored in things like alignment, spacers, and tire variances to determine sizes that will work the best for their specific applications.

Impact sockets

Beyond clearance there's a bunch of features that enhance the ownership experience. One feature we love are the huge lug socket openings so you don't have to worry about damaging your wheels when putting them on and off. the super concave design with large spoke openings is not only stylish but also more comfortable to put on and off. The knurling on the bead seat is also unpainted which offers better grip than other wheels that are either not knurled or have painted knurling. 

Comparison Chart

Here is a basic comparison on a front wheel application for BMW F8x

 Forged Wheel Weight Notes
Apex VS5-RS 19.1 lbs Available in both 19x9.5 +22 and +28. Clears 2NH calipers. Fully and independently tested to exceed JWL requirements by STL
Titan 7 T-S5 20.6 lbs Available in both 19x9.5 +22 and +27. Clears 2NH calipers. 
Volk TE37 Black Edition III 21 lbs (approx) Only available in 19x9.5 +23, does not clear 2NH brakes (M2 Competition). Offset is a bit low for F87 to run aggressive tires without significant camber. JWL+R Spec 2 verified
BMW Style 763M 20.75 lbs Only available in 19x9, a bit narrow to support a 265 or 275 front tire. Does clear 2NH brakes. Over $1000 USD per wheel


For a really thorough breakdown of the engineering and design that went into this wheel check out Apex's video here:


Mustang Mach 1 Apex VS5RS Anthracite

Mustang Mach 1 on Anthracite VS-5RS

M2 Competition brushed clear VS-5RS

M2 Competition on Brushed Clear VS-5RS

718 cayman gt4 brushed clear

Porsche 718 GT4 on Brushed Clear VS-5RS

camaro zl1 black vs-5rs

Camaro ZL1 on Satin Black VS-5RS

GT-350 VS5RS

GT-350 on Anthracite VS-5RS

M2 Competition VS-5RS

M2 Competition on Brushed Clear VS-5RS