Apex Flow Formed Wheels on F87 M2 Competition (SM10/EC7)

We fitted this wrapped M2 Competition with two different setups of Apex Flow Formed wheels. As many already know, 19" is the minimum diameter and arguably the ideal size for the BMW F87 M2 Competition due to the large 2NH calipers. Many 19" wheels don't actually clear including Volk's TE37 surprisingly, but Apex is one of the OG's that have been making motorsports wheels for BMW wheels for a long time and thus have developed the specific fitments to work. 

Front Wheel Sizing

For the front wheels you can choose between the 19x9.5 +28 or 19x9.5 +22 options, however we prefer the +28 especially on the M2 Competition. The M2C fender liners have less clearance than the N55 M2's and thus the +28 gives a bit more flexibility than the wider +22. The wheels have the same concavity profile so visually it's not much of a difference and if needed, a small slip on spacer can be safely added. When fitting a larger front tire like the 255/35-19 (as opposed to the stock 245/35-19) having the extra clearance with +28 certainly helps. 

You can also do up to a 275/30-19 if you want a wider contact patch that still clears the front suspension with the 19x9.5 +28 or 19x9.5 +22 wheel. 

Rear Wheel Sizing

For the rears, it too depends on what kind of rear tire you want to fit. If you want to fit 285, 295, or 305 rear tires, we recommend the 19x11" option to give the wider tire the proper support. However, if running the factory 265/35-19 sizing or a 275/35-19 sizing, the 19x10.5" would be a better choice as it wouldn't require stretching the tire. With 275/35-19 the 19x11" is the maximum width that manufacturers typically approve for that tire size but even then has a significant stretch although the tire should still bead normally. 

In our experience, the rear suspension does not camber in that much compared to the front, so rubbing under certain situations can occur when running larger size tires. For 285 or wider, we recommend a 30 series tire profile to reduce likelihood of rubbing. The 19x11 +44 sits about 7mm wider than the 19x10.5 +45 but as it stretches the tire profile a bit more clearance is not exactly reduced by 7mm.

EC-7 Satin Black on M2 Competition

This EC-7 setup is using a 19x9.5 +28 and 19x10.5 +45 staggered fitment with 255/35-19 and 275/35-19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires. This is fit with a 7mm slip on spacer on the rear. Car is lowered on Dinan height adjustable springs.

Apex EC7 M2 Competition

Apex EC-7 19x9.5 19x10.5 m2 competition f87

Apex SM-10 Satin Black on M2 Competition

For this setup we went with the 19x9.5 +28 front and 19x11 +44 rear with the BMW Star Spec Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. This has no wheel spacers installed. Car is lowered on Dinan height adjustable springs.

Apex SM-10 19x9.5 19x11 m2 competition

Apex Sm10 satin black m2c

Apex SM10 M2 Competition