Acura TSX (2nd Generation) Backup Camera Install

Unlike the larger Acura TL, the TSX did not typically come with a backup camera. Radio replacement is possible on these cars but can look a little awkward due to the unique shape of the factory center stack and screen cubby. To keep the interior clean, we went with a rearview mirror display which is subtle. To match, we went with a license plate frame style camera which doesn't require drilling and simply goes in place of an existing plate frame. 

The screen lights up automatically when the car is shifted into reverse. The camera also has infrared LED to help the driver see better at night. It's a small 4.3" screen but it's enough to help the driver judge his distance as the vehicle has a tint to the rear window and is still fairly long. 

Contact us today for a quote on installing a backup camera and screen setup! A basic setup like this definitely costs less than repainting and refinishing a bumper!

Acura TSX backup camera

Acura tsx backup camera mirror

Acura tsx license plate backup camera