Acura Integra Type S (DE5) Thinkware Install

Our customer upgraded their vehicle to the brand new Integra Type S, while wanting to continue using their previous Thinkware Q800 Pro* dash cam. The dash cam was also previous installed by us, and is a testament to the reliability of Thinkware dash cameras. The installation on the new Type S was relatively straightforward, with extra labour needed for the rear camera as the vehicle has the sport back style trunk lid. With a dash cam installed, you are safe from being wrongfully accused in a traffic incident by having a dash cam installed. In BC this also means not having to pay the deductible if the footage shows the other vehicle at fault. Contact us today and have peace of mind when driving!

*The Thinkware Q800 Pro is now discontinued, but check out the F200 Pro, U1000 or the brand new U3000 here!