Active Autowerke Axleback Exhaust on BMW G20 M340i

We installed the Active Autowerke valved rear exhaust on this BMW M340i. This retains the factory valve to give the car two different personalities. Watch the video below to hear the differences in different exhaust modes. Note: the check engine light is due to our customer changing his grille which will cause a CEL. 

We noticed the fitment on this piece was not perfect and in multiple areas needed to use a pipe expander to get the pieces to connect together. Furthermore, the valve is held on top of the exhaust, whereas the factory valve faces the front part of the exhaust so there is a bit of work involved in routing the wire harness for the valve. Professional installation is recommended with this rear section exhaust. 


Active autowerke m340i

Active autowerke exhaust rear section m340i

Active autowerke rear valved exhaust b58

Active autowerke exhaust m340i muffler

Active autowerke tips m340i b58