8th Gen Honda Civic Pioneer Double Din + Backup Camera Install

We fitted this 2006 Honda Civic with a Pioneer DMH-220EX and backup camera after the factory radio failed. As these cars are very popular, finding a used replacement radio is relatively easy but such a solution would leave more to be desired in terms of sound quality and connectivity. Not to mention that the unit could fail just like the pre-existing head unit. This 8th generation Civic only offered an Aux input as far as factory connectivity is concerned and our customer really wanted bluetooth for his son who would be driving the car as well as a backup camera.

When Honda switched over to the 8th generation of Civic, they did away with standard DIN/ISO sized head units and went for a more futuristic looking dashboard. This makes radio replacement a bit trickier but luckily mounting kits are not too expensive for this popular compact car. Metra, PAC, American International, and many others make dash kits for this vehicle. Those attempting a DIY install should know that the factory climate controls need to be transferred to the new kit and occasionally the dash kit fitment is not perfect with this panel. Make sure to test all the buttons before reassembling the dashboard!

He didn't want to spend too much on the head unit but wanted something reliable and able to display the camera clearly. With a new driver, a backup camera is a great idea as it might just help them avoid hitting another vehicle which would cause their insurance rates to skyrocket. This customer had been burned in the past with a Power Acoustik head unit that stopped working after a year and wanted to stick to a mainstream brand like Pioneer. We've had great success with these entry level double din units in terms of reliability and customers have been impressed with their substantial improvement in sound quality even with stock speakers. 

For those that don't need the navigation features offered in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, one of these entry level double dins may prove to be a good option. Compared to a basic single din, they offer a more intuitive menu interface, ability to play videos and music through USB, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to display a rearview camera. Yet they come in at about half the price of a comparable double din Android Auto system.

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8th generation civic sedan double din

Pioneer MVH-210EX

Pioneer DMH-220EX backup camera 8th gen civic