3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner R20X and Tundra Brake Upgrade

The 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner is a perennial favourite amongst off roaders and even after 20 years is still just as popular. The tailgate and sliding power rear window design makes installing a backup camera incredibly difficult due to the window regulator that gets in the way. The hatch design also has little to no trim so there's nowhere to hide the wire except for between the sheetmetal which is where the factory wiring runs. We installed the R20X rearview mirror style camera which is a combination dash cam and backup camera. The backup camera was installed just above the license plate and offers a great view for parking. 

We also upgraded the front brakes on this 3rd gen to the Tundra brakes. This involves installing the Tundra 4 piston calipers along with the larger diameter rotors. We went with an Akebono pad and rotor combination and a Centric caliper. This does require cutting the backing plate to make room for the larger caliper. It's important to note that not all 

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Toyota 4runner 3rd gen

R20x rearview mirror 3rd gen

3rd gen 4runner backup camera

R20x Third generation

Tundra brake upgrade 3rd gen