2nd Gen Toyota Rav4 Thinkware FA200 2CH Dash Cam

After a family member had been scammed by a cyclist who crashed into their car, our customer wanted a dash cam system to protect themselves should anything happen again. There's situations you just can't predict while you're on the road and having an automated camera system that records whenever you drive (and while parked) can come in very handy. It's easy for other parties to fabricate stories and for insurance companies to deem you either fully or partially at fault leading to hikes in your annual premiums. 

Even with an older and relatively basic car like this RAV4, a dash cam system can be fairly affordable. For under $400 installed you can get into the entry level 2-channel system from Thinkware (FA200 2-Channel) which offers excellent reliability and similar features to their flagship models that cost 2-3x more. Video resolution may not be as high but you can still count on this camera to prove who's at fault in most situations. 

These older RAV4s are unique in that they have a sideways opening tailgate which makes installation a little more complex. Professional install is recommended for these vehicles if a clean result is required. Lots of trim removal and wire management is required. Contact us today to book your dash cam install appointment!

RAV4 2nd generation thinkware fa200

RAV4 Thinkware FA200 dash cam

Rav4 side tailgate dash cam 2ch

RAV4 2nd gen chili dash cam