2023 Macan GTS (95B) on Michelin PA5 SUV + Spacer

Just in time, this Macan GTS came to us to mount on Michelin's brand new Pilot Alpin 5 SUV winter tires. At the time of this posting, the Lower Mainland has received a good 20-30cm of snow. The factory setup runs a 295 rear tire, which is costly and it is not rotatable to the front to even out the wear. The sizing we ran was a square 265/45-20 setup, which has Porsche's N0 marking. A couple of things to note, the factory wheel setup on this vehicle is 20x9 +26 on the front, and 20x10 +19 rear, putting the rear wheels further out than the fronts. With the skinnier tires in the rear, it does make the rear wheels sunken in. To rectify this, we used some 20mm spacers with extended bolts to compensate for the difference in wheel and tire width. So despite the factory rear tire choice is 295, it is totally possible to run 265 rear with some reversible modification.