2021 Toyota Venza RTX Winter Wheels and Viofo A119

We installed a set of RTX Envy wheels on this brand new Toyota Venza crossover with Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV tires. Unlike the RAV4, this vehicle is equipped with factory TPMS sensors in Canada. We are able to replicate the factory sensors with our Max Select sensors. With this configuration, the factory codes are duplicated so there is no difference as to what the vehicle sees regardless of whether the factory all season wheel and tire setup is installed, or if this winter wheel and tire setup is installed. We used spline drive lug nuts for these wheels as the factory Toyota Mag seat nuts can't be used on most aftermarket wheels.

The wheels are 18x8 +38 and the tires are 225/60R18. Our customer preferred the look of the 18" wheels but for those who are more budget-conscious, a 17" wheel and tire combo would typically be a bit cheaper and offer better cushioning on rougher winter roads. Aesthetically however, the Venza does look great with this bright set of 18's!

We also installed a VIOFO A119 V3 dash cam which is one of our top budget picks. This dash cam offers amazing 2K+ recording and parking mode capabilities. We love the form factor and simplicity of this system. It does not have WiFi or a rear camera option.

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Toyota Venza RTX Envy

RTX Envy Toyota Venza

VIOFO A119 V3 Toyota Venza