2020 Toyota Corolla Thinkware FA200 Install

This was one of the first of the new generation 2020 Corolla sedans we got to work on. We've previously done quite a few installs on the Corolla hatchback but wanted to share something we learned about the Thinkware FA200 in the Corolla. Generally, we try to install the rear camera on these sedans at the very top of the windshield running along the center. But as it turns out, this dramatically affects the radio tuner to the point where the radio is incomprehensible. Different cameras may have different results such as the VIOFO A129 or Blackvue dash cams that use coaxial cables. The rear camera wire on the FA200 is a regular 3.5mm plug and perhaps doesn't have the amount of shielding necessary to prevent interference.

We ended up installing the rear camera on top of the third brake light which didn't have issues with radio interference. We never encountered this issue installing many Thinkware F100's and FA200's in the previous generation Corolla or the same generation Corolla hatchback.

Thinkware FA200 dash cam corolla

Toyota Corolla Thinkware Fa200 2020

Toyota Corolla FA200 rear camera