2020 Kia Sedona SX Technology Upgrade (Sound System and more!)

Upon taking delivery of this brand new Kia Sedona SX Technology, our customer immediately brought it to us with just 50km on the clock for an overhaul of this so-called "tech package" van. In the US, some Sedonas are available with a premium audio system but in Canada, this top-of-the-line van only has a standard 6 speaker system with pretty average sounding speakers. We also installed a Blackvue DR590W-2CH dash cam which is a must in today's day and age for any daily driver. We also upgraded the foglights to the CLD Kong LED's which match the low beam, high beam, and DRL in terms of colour and brightness. The factory halogens just looked cheap and out of place for a premium minivan.

With the audio system we started off with a 5-channel amplifier as we knew we wanted to add a subwoofer. The built-in amplifier on the factory head unit just isn't enough to fill a large vehicle like this with good sound so we installed a Pioneer GM-DX975 5-Channel amp which is good for 75W RMS at the doors and 350W RMS with a 4 Ohm subwoofer. We were surprised to see that this system didn't have an amp as top trim Toyota Sienna and Honda Odysseys always had factory amplifiers. We did not switch out the factory head unit as it offers wireless carplay and a bunch of features we didn't want to risk losing. The 5-Channel amplifier fits easily under the driver's seat without any modification or fabrication. 

The door speakers on these Kias are 6.75" units which we replaced with JBL Stadium GTO units all around. 6.5" components up front, and a 6.5" coaxial in the rear. These are some of the best sounding speakers at their price point and offer impressive power handling and clarity. Buzzmat sound deadening is also a must and gave the front doors a considerably more solid door slam feel.

For the subwoofer we went with the 12" Pioneer TS-SWX3002 mounted on the trunk floor. This subwoofer can take up to 400W RMS and is nicely matched to the Pioneer amplifier. There's also a bass knob we mounted on the driver's side to adjust the volume of this sub. With the sub in place, one side of the third row seat cannot be folded into the floor. Smaller subwoofers are available that might fit under the front seats but the deep bass of a 12" woofer is so much more satisfying.

Lastly, our customer brought some universal headrest mounted DVD screens to install. We hooked this up to the factory radio through the aux input and hardwired the screens to turn on with accessory power. These screens have their own headphones as well and HDMI/USB input to support most newer media and even gaming devices. 

If you're disappointed in the sound quality on your daily driver, contact us today for a quote! We have tailor-made solutions that work with most budgets

Kia Sedona LED Foglights

Kia Sedona JBL Door speakers

Kia Sedona 6.5" speakers

Pioneer GM-DX975 kia sedona

Kia sedona car audio upgrade

Pioneer 12" enclosure Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona headrest dvd screens