2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid with Thinkware F770 and BF Goodrich KO2

We helped our customer reinstall this Thinkware F770 from their Highlander onto this new Rav4 Hybrid. There's no issue installing the dash cam with all the sensors and the digital rearview mirror, the rear camera just has to be mounted off center so that it doesn't block the lens. We also installed these BF Goodrich KO2 light truck tires as our company does take the car on some logging roads. These LT tires are less likely to get punctured and also have the three peak mountain snowflake symbol for severe winter service. They are not quite as grippy in ice and snow as dedicated winter tires but they're a decent year round tire.

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RAV4 Hybrid KO2

Thinkware F770 2019 Rav4

BF Goodrich KO2 Toyota RAV4 LT