2019 Audi Q5 with Thinkware F800 Pro and Blackvue B-124 Battery

This gorgeous Quantum Grey Audi Q5 came in for a dash cam installation and went with our favourite combo, the Thinkware F800 Pro paired with the Blackvue B-124 battery. We currently have a promotion on this specific bundle which includes a huge discount on installation when bought together. We always recommend getting a battery pack for any late model European car as their sensitive electrical systems often encounter issues when a parking mode dash cam is draining the car's battery. This is because it detects that a certain fuse is draining more power than what the car's computer anticipated. 

The battery pack is also handy as the car's battery itself is not sufficient for overnight recording in parking mode. If the car is parked on the street, we always recommend a battery pack as 12+ hours of recording is needed in those cases and it's rare for a car battery to be large enough to supply that kind of power. 

As always, our professional installation service means that wires are hidden as much as possible. The battery pack sits just beneath the driver's seat and does not intrude into the rear seat legroom. In terms of difficulty level, the Audi Q5 is one of the trickiest out there due to the incredible fit and finish. Panel gaps are tight and simply accessing the fuse box under the dead pedal can prove to be difficult.

Install Pictures

Audi Q5 quantum grey

Audi Q5 thinkware f800 pro installation

Blackvue b-124 battery Audi Q5

Audi q5 rear dash cam install