2014 Mercedes SL63 AMG Rotors + Hawk Brake Pads

This customer came to us with their Mercedes SL63 AMG for some new brake pads and rotors (discs) after being quoted by Mercedes Benz dealers for over $3,000 in parts alone. Aside from ridiculous prices for parts, we were also able to cater to the customer who also requested for some brake pads that generated less noise and less brake dust. 

For brake rotor replacement, we went with VNE and Zimmerman rotors. These two manufacturers make plenty of solid OE-grade brake related parts for European vehicles. As for the brake pads, to fit the customer's criterion, Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads were installed. These pads provide benefits of less noise and less dust, but at the compromise of some initial brake bite.

Overall, costs savings was great for the customer, saving over 15% on parts. Planning was done price-wise and time-wise, so not only did the SL63 AMG get some brake work done, the vehicle was also professionally detailed by WashieWashie Mobile Detailing here at our shop. They opted for the Gold Package detail, which is a full interior and exterior detail, plus polish and wax.