2013 Ford F-150 XLT Pioneer Radio Replacement

Our customer recently acquired this F-150 for towing and recreational purposes and got a great deal on it as the Ford Sync module had died and the radio was not working. We could see that the teal backlighting was still coming on for the radio but it wasn't booting up properly. This is an issue we've seen on some Ford Focus and Ford Escapes as well and unfortunately can be quite costly to fix through a dealer. So instead of going down the route of fixing it, we looked into replacing the radio altogether.

Ford F-150 radio replacement

Our client was looking for AM/FM, the ability to talk on his phone handsfree, and a CD player. We went with the Pioneer DEH-S5200BT which ticks all these boxes and also has front facing USB and aux input ports to replace the ones that no longer work due to the Sync module being defective. With all the parts and labour, our customer's bill came in under $350 which is a fraction of what it would cost a dealer to do diagnostics and install a new Sync module. 

Pioneer DEH-S5200BT

Sometimes repair isn't always the answer and replacement can be a cheaper alternative while also gaining better sound quality and connectivity! If you have a non-functioning radio, contact us today to find out what options might be suitable for your vehicle and your budget!