2005 Honda Odyssey Alpine ILX-W650 + Backup Camera

We installed the Alpine ILX-W650 for this Honda Odyssey to give it bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto capability. This is a thoroughly modern head unit with a capacitive touchscreen, lightweight mechless chassis, and a sleek bezel-less design. We paired it with the CRUX SWR-100 for steering control retention and a Crimestoppers backup camera to enhance rear visibility. As this is a family hauler for our customer's newborn, anything to add convenience and reduce distractions is a plus. The rear USB extension was ran into the cubby just below the climate controls for a clean look when not in use. We were able to install the microphone in the homelink housing on the overhead module. There is a provision for a factory mic here but it was unused as this vehicle only had a 6-disc changer option without bluetooth.

Honda Odyssey Alpine Double din

Alpine ILX-W650 double din apple carplay android auto

Honda Odyssey backup camera

Honda odyssey backup camera bullet drill

Honda odyssey Alpine ILX-W650 Usb

Honda odyssey deck mic