Hyundai Pallisade Thinkware 2-Channel Dash Cam and Battery Pack

This was our first experience with the brand new Hyundai Pallisade and we were astonished by the build quality on this 3-row SUV. The interior materials were top notch and even better than previous Genesis products. The dash cam we installed was a Thinkware F770 we installed several years prior in this customer's older Nissan Pathfinder, however we did add a Blackvue B-124 external battery pack to the setup. As this Pallisade has so much tech, we felt the dash cam battery pack would be a good fit to remove any stress on the car's 12V battery. It also helps to extend parking mode recording up to 24 hours with this F770 2-channel setup. 

Check out our installed pictures below to see where we placed the dash cam and the battery pack. We suspect the Kia Telluride will have similar installation.

Hyundai Pallisade overdrive dash cam

Hyundai pallisade thinkware dash cam

Blackvue dash cam battery pack hyundai pallisade

hyundai pallisade rear dash cam